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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead 


Friends of Roscomare

Friends of Roscomare is a non-profit parent organization made up of parents interested in providing the best experience and education for our children. We work with the teachers, staff, parents and general public to provide the best opportunities for our school. Friends of Roscomare committees work to help with staffing, facilities, and fundraising to provide the “extras” like computer, P.E., art, music, classroom aides and supplies, library books, and more.


Every school year, Roscomare Road needs to raise money for programs not paid for by LAUSD. Programs not funded by LAUSD includes, Computer instruction, Art instruction and Music instruction. In addition,  Instructional Aides for every classroom are funded to assist the teachers with classroom instructions. The funds are also used for computer support and supplemental supplies that benefit our children and enrich their educational experience at Roscomare Road Elementary School. Our goal is 100% participation from all Roscomare Road Families!

About our School

Roscomare Road Elementary School is an exciting, dynamic, and active school community comprised of students, their parents, faculty, and staff, all of whom are valued contributors to enriching and enhancing the life of the school.

As a California Distinguished School we are always striving to reach higher and loftier goals. Our goals for this year include enhance technology in every classroom and providing staff development to all our teachers in all curricular areas. We believe in a strong and rigorous program, based on the State Common Core Standards.